If you think lessons are boring, think again. Here, Latin comes alive with a Mexican wave, a maths choir sings quadratic equations and when you use the decorations on iced buns to explore atoms, you can even eat your research.

We’re free to experiment because we teach in single sex classes. That means both boys and girls are way less self-conscious – and the benefits don’t stop there. It never occurs to our girls that science is for boys, that being a leader is unfeminine or that it’s inappropriate to come top in exams. Our boys (we're welcoming them in 2017) won't be made to feel that sensitivity is girly, that the arts aren't for them or that coming second undermines their masculinity.

Although no-one’s getting distracted by the opposite sex in lessons, you'll socialise and eat together, share facilities, some sports and the creative arts (dramatic moments belong on stage, even if anyone streaming out of our fabulous visual arts centre is likely to be covered in paint or clay).

'A crazy, clever, wonderful school where we all thrive and learn while having the best time of our lives'

But what's a smudge or two between friends? We’re more concerned with how you think, so the emphasis throughout the school – in the classroom and out of it – is on analysing problems, questions and opportunities and coming up with original and creative answers.

It’s a lot more effective than absorbing received opinion when it comes to exams, as our results show. In 2014, 93 per cent of GCSEs were graded A* or A and 51 per cent of the students racked up 9 or more A*s.

  • Global Entrepreneurship Week
    Tuesday saw senior school assembly taken over by Global Entrepreneurship Week and a chance to hear from Dr Jing Zhang – a Cambridge-based young entrepreneur who founded her own company based on the research that she gained from her PhD in chemistry.
  • Equestrian Team Qualifier
    The rain and mud did not dampen the enthusiasm of the SPF equestrian team at the College of West Anglia on the 7th November.
  • Classics & Italian Trip
    Students from the Senior School and 6th Form College visited Rome and the Bay of Naples during half term.
  • Cross Country Cup Regional Finals
    We were extremely successful at the County Cross Country Cup competition this year with two teams qualifying for the Regional Finals at Beauchamp Middle School in Bedford.
  • CCA's Reading Competition
    12 girls entered the Cambridge Classical Association’s annual Reading Competition - see how they got on.



Our programme of visiting speakers brings in individuals and groups to share fascinating careers/life stories , inspiring students, parents and alumni to think differently.

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