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Physics aims to describe and explain how the world around us, and space beyond, works.

Studying physics will allow you to understand both natural phenomena and technological advances more clearly and put you in a better position to make your own decisions about issues such as whether or not we should build more nuclear power stations.

In the first couple of years,  you will look at key concepts such as energy, space, forces, motion, electricity, magnetism, light and sound.

You may well have met many of these ideas before but we will be doing lots of practical work and having plenty of discussion to help you to think more clearly about what's involved and get a deeper understanding.

You will learn how to investigate scientifically – designing and carrying out your own experiments, collaborating with others, presenting and explaining your results, reflecting on what you have achieved and considering how the investigation could possibly be improved.

Applications of physics are absolutely everywhere and we will often think about how understanding and using the subject can help to make the world a better place.