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​​​​​​​Outdoor Education and DofE Update​​​​​​​

Published on 12/02/24

The DofE programme started last term with students in Year 10 completing their Bronze expedition, this was done in the Bedfordshire countryside.

DofE enrolments have gone through the roof, particularly with students in Year 9, with 139 students enrolling onto Bronze. We also have a healthy number of students in Years 10 and above signing up for Silver and Gold. Students are now getting underway with their Volunteering, Skill & Physical activities, and will be beginning to consider the expedition packages ready for the summer.

We have been working hard to deliver a whole range of Adventure Learning opportunities, from sailing and paddlesports, to archery and indoor climbing. New to the program this term has been the inclusion of Adventure Learning within the ‘Sport’ programme, which allows more students to experience this element of our program. Students in Year 8 & 9 have been focussing on dealing with problems, developing personal ‘Life Skills’ and working in teams, whilst students in Year 10, 12 and 13 have had the chance to experience archery.