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Are We Nearly There Yet? Year 5 Explores Transport History at IWM Duxford

Published on 13/03/24

On Tuesday 12 March, Year 5 embarked on their excursion to The Imperial War Museum Duxford, as part of the topic ‘Are We Nearly There Yet?’, delving into the history of transport.

Despite the relentless rain, they walked over a mile to reach the Land Warfare hanger at the far end of the runway.

Assigned with the task of locating various examples of transport, pupils eagerly snapped photos and explored the American War Museum, Battle of Britain, and Air Space hangars, discovering a range of intriguing vehicles. In addition to this, we issued a challenge for the most impressive photograph from an alternative perspective, prompting children to stand in gantries, stroll beneath aircraft wings, and even lie on the ground to capture their perfect shot.

The highlight of the trip was undoubtedly the opportunity to board Concorde, a vintage passenger plane from the 1960s, as well as the Comet aircraft. Although not always open, our pupils were lucky to be guided through the planes by volunteers who kindly shared their knowledge, enhancing the pupils' experience. There were many tired and wet feet by the time we arrived back at the Junior School, but lots of chatter about the fascinating modes of transport they had seen and the new information they had gained throughout the day.