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  • Year 7 Maths Trail

    Published 18/12/16

    Maths Trails offer huge potential for learning experiences at all ages. Cambridge is such a beautiful city and has witnessed many amazing discoveries so we thought it would be an excellent place for a Year 7 Maths Trail.


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  • Stephen Perse Foundation Photographic Competition shortlist announced

    Published 18/12/16

    What is Learning? Stephen Perse Foundation Photographic competition shortlist announced!

    Students from across the six schools of the foundation were invited to submit photographic entries that captured their experience of learning, in any digital format.

    Students with access, or their teachers, simply had to upload their image to a Google Drive folder by the deadline of 13th June.

    Judges from the Governors, The Head of Visual Arts, and the Marketing & Communications Department selected a shortlist from almost 80 entries.

    The range of creative responses can be viewed in this gallery below:

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  • Crystals and helices everywhere

    Published 18/12/16

    Year 7 girls grew crystals in their Chemistry lessons and a group won first prize in the Eastern Region Competition for Key Stage 3 pupils.

    This was a visit to the Laboratory of Molecular Biology on the Biomedical Campus at Addenbrookes. where the girls had a tour and took part in experiments.

    IMG_0222.JPG IMG_0229.JPG IMG_0231.JPG

    One of our students, Rosalind (Rosie) in 7H, was named after Rosalind Franklin whose crystals made the working out of the structure of DNA possible, so Rosie had her picture taken with a sculpture of a double helix.



    The students looked at 3D computer models of protein molecules, extracted DNA from banana and strawberries and had a go at column and paper chromatography.

    Thanks to Dr Samantha Wynne at the LMB for organising an exciting visit.

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  • Sports Day? In this weather?!

    Published 18/12/16

    The last day of term is traditionally also Sports Day for the Stephen Perse Foundation Senior School and 6th Form College, and Thursday 10 July 2014, whilst being no exception to this rule has also proven to be possibly the wettest day of the month.

    Staff and students from both the Senior School and 6th Form made their way excitedly but with trepidation about the weather to the Wilberforce Road Sports Ground for Sports Day 2014.

    The 1500m and the 100m races took place, as did at least one Welly Wanging and the Year 9 discus (1st place was 16.55m). At 10.20am though the rain got the better of all the sporting participants as the overall winners were announced as Cattley as they were in the lead so receive the Shield.

    Miss Cresswell was reported as being absolutely devastated, after the months of planning that had taken place, but all was not lost...... The day could still turn out to be a success, surely...??!

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  • Photography Competition - the winners

    Published 18/12/16

    Congratulations go to everyone who entered the 2014 'What is learning' photography competition organised by the Stephen Perse Foundation Governors.

    The judges were extremely pleased with the response of almost 80 entries and the standard was so high that the decision was made to reward Highly Commended entries in each category with a prize as well.

    Students from across the Foundation were invited to enter. All entries will be displayed on soon, and the highly commended and prize winning entries will be displayed in an exhibition at the Senior School in Cambridge in the Autumn Term.

    Five competition winners will all receive a £25 Amazon voucher and highly commended entries win the prize of a £10 Amazon voucher.



    Winner - Campbell Lee 'What is learning'

    Highly Commended - Abigail Holdstock 'The recipe for learning is fun'

    Dame Bradbury's:

    Winner - Isaac Cowell 'Learning, reading, seeing and doing'

    Highly Commended - CiCi Tilston 'What is learning'

    Junior School:

    Winner - Julia Marshall 'Learning to climb'

    Highly Commended - Sirisha Gorantla 'What is learning' (#1 - the scrabble board)

    Senior School - Years 7 & 8:

    Winner - Charlotte Lane 'What is learning'

    Highly Commended - Catherine Humphrey 'What is learning'

    Senior School - Year 10:

    Winner - Aoife Husband 'What is learning'

    Highly Commended - Hannah Brock, for her triptych 'What is learning'

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  • Year 7 Architecture & Fitzwilliam trip

    Published 18/12/16

    Year 7 students took part in a digital photography workshop as part of a Design & Visual Arts Trip around Cambridge to look at architecture and visit the Fitzwilliam Museum.

    The students had to consider key photographic points such as:

    • Focus
    • Framing / cropping
    • Angle & viewpoint
    • Lighting
    • Composition

    Here are some examples of the students work:

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  • European Languages day – 26 September 2013

    Published 18/12/16

    European Day of Languages was all about bringing languages to life and inspiring our students to see what directions languages can lead you in.

    Frau Freeman themed lessons with an international slant, giving an opportunity to integrate different languages. Starting the day, our year 8s had a Skype call with students at a 6th form college in Norway, set up through an alumna, Rebecca Hildrebrandt-Paulin (left school in 1983). Rebecca studied Norwegian and German at Robinson College, Cambridge, and is now Head of department for the university preparatory part of a Norwegian sixth form college.

    After chatting to 6th formers in Norway, the girls then took Rebecca on an iPad tour of the school, as she has not seen the school for around 10 years, and asked questions about learning languages, and also what the school was like when she was here.

    The girls were really enthusiastic about the call and said “We thought that the video call was really inspiring to see how passionate she was about languages. It also made us want to be that passionate about languages like her. We found it really interesting to find out how her life had developed since she had been at the school and how the school had helped her in her career. It was also really fun because she was so kind to us and really funny. We also learnt lots of interesting things about the schools’ past!”

    Other activities ranged from a quiz to a lunchtime language treasure hunt, an international menu for lunch, and a later Skype call with another alumna in London, Charlotte Collins (left school in 1981). Charlotte Skyped the Peligraph magazine team at SPSFC who will be writing an article about their experience. Following several years as a senior editor at Deutsche Welle (German international radio), Charlotte is now a translator specialising in journalistic articles and literature, particularly drama. She has also also written two bilingual books for young adults (German narration, English dialogue), contributed to German-English dictionaries, written the dialogue for an (English) language-learning Berlitz CD course, worked as a voiceover artist (in English) and prepared the phonetics for a Spanish-English pocket dictionary.

    “I am passionate about the joys of learning and speaking foreign languages and how this expands people's horizons, not only in terms of their careers but especially in terms of life possibilities and interaction with other people and cultures.”

    There will also be an assembly looking at other alumni and the directions languages have taken them, and the school have done a survey of staff and students to find out how many languages are spoken across the foundation.

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  • The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

    Published 18/12/16

    Members of Years 7 & 8 took part in a very colourful production of C S Lewis’ fabulous adventure in Narnia.

    Incorporating magical movement sequences, a dancing wardrobe, evil Snow Flakes and a whole forest of animals, creatures and mythical beasts, the production was a celebration of visual theatre techniques.

    You can watch the show reel here: 

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  • Year 10 IGCSE trip to War Horse

    Published 18/12/16

    Our students took part in a superb workshop run by an actress from The National Theatre who was one of the performers/puppeteers in the original production of War Horse. 

    After teaching them some basic puppetry skills and ensemble techniques she showed them how the incredibly realistic movement of the life-sized horse puppets was devised for the production.

    After tea in Covent Garden, where we all enjoyed some street theatre, we watched a performance of War Horse at the New Theatre. We had fabulous seats, close enough to the action to really appreciate the fantastic puppetry.


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  • Incredible, record breaking GCSE results

    Published 18/12/16

    Year 11 students at the Foundation collected their results early on 22 August online and many came in to celebrate with us. These are the highest results in the school's history with an amazing 74% of all 938 entries achieving A* grades.

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  • Gearing up for a career in engineering

    Published 18/12/16

    Emily Waide, year 10, from Stephen Perse Foundation benefited from a unique hands-on learning experience at Oxford Brookes University from 1st to 4th July 2013.  The four-day residential programme was organised by The Smallpeice Trust in partnership with Oxford Brookes.

    Working alongside engineers, Emily gained a practical insight into the engineering principles, materials and technologies that shape the cutting edge of world professional motorsport. The learning group of 14 and 15 year olds took part in theoretical, practical and hands-on workshops which helped them to develop a better understanding of engine performance, traction, chassis dynamics and aerodynamics. Students also took part in Computer Aided Design (CAD) sessions to prototype, manufacture and test race car components.

    An industrial visit to Prodrive gave students the opportunity to see for themselves what goes on behind the scenes at a major motorsports technology business. The social aspect of the course included a trip to the local bowling alley, a film night and a chance to get behind the wheel at go-karting.

    Oxford Brookes University is internationally renowned for Motorsport Engineering education at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. The course takes place at the University’s Motorsport Engineering Centre which provides state-of-the-art teaching, research and testing facilities. Dr Matt Clarke from the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Mathematical Sciences, commented “Motorsport provides a very visible example of high-tech engineering in which the UK is a world leader, and provides an excellent opportunity to encourage talented young people to opt for a career in engineering. I was extremely impressed with the level of knowledge, enthusiasm and energy displayed by the students throughout the course”.



    The Motorsports Engineering course is run by independent charity, The Smallpeice Trust, and is part of an on-going programme of residential courses to help young people aged 13 to 18 learn and develop skills in engineering, design, technology and manufacturing. Through running residential courses and STEM enrichment days, The Trust has reached out to 20,353 students across the UK in the past year.

    The new course timetable for 2014 will be launched in the autumn school term. Places are allocated on a first come, first served basis. To find out more, visit, or telephone The Smallpeice Trust on 01926 333200.

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  • Student engineers a sustainable future

    Published 18/12/16

    From 22 to 25 July, Stephen Perse Foundation student Yanni Du, year 11, attended a residential course to find out more about low carbon energy sources.

    Sponsored by global energy services company Senergy, this course enabled forty-seven students, aged 15 and 16, to spend time learning about new, renewable energy sources such as tidal, wave and wind energy, through a series of presentations and practical exercises.

    The course was hosted by The School of Marine Science and Technology at Newcastle University as they are involved in conducting world class research in renewable energy sources, particularly focusing on marine sources. The facilities in the School are unique for conducting this research, in particular the combined wind, wave and tidal current test tank.

    Using these state-of-the-art research facilities to conduct their experiments, students were able to study differences between the power sources while learning about the engineering challenges involved in capturing, distributing and storing energy from the environment. They then competed in teams to design and make the most effective and innovative energy capturing devices. Throughout the course students also attended lectures and presentations delivered by engineers and scientists which explored the future of low-carbon energy.

    As well as working on the design, build and test elements of the projects, they developed life skills such as teamwork, communication, problem solving, time management, finance and presentation. Social activities included a film evening and a trip to the local bowling alley. On the final night, The Smallpeice Trust hosted a conference style dinner where students and supervisors had the opportunity to socialise and share their experiences of the week.

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