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  • Clocks and the Orrery

    Published 18/12/16

    Dr Singh gave a fascinating talk to senior school students and staff about making his simplicity clock and orrery.

    Seeing these items at first-hand and understanding something about how they were made was a wonderful addition to our Cabinet of Curiosity experience. Thank you!

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  • Year 11 student qualifies for GB Rafting Team

    Published 18/12/16

    Stephen Perse senior school student Maddie Foster (Year 11), along with a team of six other girls aged from 15-18, has been attending the Lee Valley White Water Centre every Wednesday evening since June last year and during this time they have become a very competent team of white water rafters.

    Last weekend Maddie and the rest of the team took part in a selection race which was hosted at Lee Valley White Water Centre where they competed with other teams for the chance to represent Great Britain in the forthcoming International Rafting Federation World Championships which will take place in Indonesia at the end of this year.

    It was a tough competition at Lee Valley that included sprint, head to head and slalom on the first day and endurance on the second day.

    We are delighted to report that due to their speed, water skills and teamwork the team have been invited to represent Great Britain as the first ever U19 GB Women’s Youth Team to compete at the World Championship. There will be 5 GB teams competing this year: the senior men’s and ladies team, the masters team and the U19 girls and boys youth teams.

    Maddie and the rest of the team are now looking forward to competing at the R6 World Rafting Championships in Indonesia this December.

    Below is a gallery of pictures from the GB tryouts weekend - the last photo shows Maddie competing on the boys team for sprint because they were down a paddler!

    Go Maddie! We wish you and the team lots of luck for December.

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  • Year 9 STEM trip to Flexenable

    Published 18/12/16

    On Wednesday 25 February seven year 9 girls from the STEM group went to the Cambridge Science Park to visit high tech electronics company FlexEnable.

    This trip was part of the 10 week Go4SET project running this term.

    FlexEnable is a company that is developing cutting edge ultra-thin, flexible screens for portable applications such as tablets, watches, displays etc.

    The students were even allowed in the “Clean Room” where much fun was had putting on the very extensive protective clothing and then being washed with nitrogen!

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  • Japanese Exchange 2015

    Published 18/12/16

    Our recent exchange trip to Japan provided a fantastic opportunity for some members of Year 10 and the Lower 6th to experience life in a Japanese family and take part in lessons in a Japanese school.

    We were able to visit important Buddhist temple sites and Shinto shrines and to learn something of the significance which these have in society.

    In addition, we visited Hakone, a mountain village near Mount Fuji where we enjoyed the pleasures of bathing in hot natural spring water in a hotel spa. We were also able to go up to the volcanic areas above Hakone and saw steam spurting out of the rocks.

    Our visit was completed by a trip to Tokyo where we marvelled at the art treasures in the Edo Museum and afterwards had the chance to make our own artificial food using a special liquid and hot water!

    All in all this proved to be the most marvellous cultural and linguistic experience which will stay in our memories for many years to come.

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  • Ski Trip 2015: Round up

    Published 18/12/16

    During February half term, 26 Year 9 Senior School students set off on a ski trip to Gstaad, Switzerland. Only this year was a little different to previous years, as they were accompanied by 24 very excited Year 5 and 6 students from the Junior School.

    The journey was a long one, but all the students stayed in good spirits and we arrived at our hotel at 2am ready to drop into our beds.

    The hotel staff were very welcoming and soon all were asleep. We awoke to beautiful scenery and lots and lots of snow! As soon as we were able the next morn, we hit the slopes.

    The week went by without injury, and all students improved their skiing techniques. They got up rearing to go each morning and were a pleasure to look after. The evening entertainment was met by an equal measure of enthusiasm. There were activities such as toasting marshmallows on an open fire up the mountain, to swimming, to a quiz evening and a film night. The highlight of this though, has to be the disco on the last evening, whereupon a Year 9 group challenged the younger students to a 'dance off'. It was such fun and so good to see the younger ones stepping up to the challenge!

    The final day skiing was a time for the slalom races. Everyone took part and tried their hardest to whizz down the slope at top speed. The staff were so proud of all of the students, as they continually cheered and encouraged each other on, both then and throughout the week.

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  • Inspire Me: Crime

    Published 18/12/16

    Over 90 people: students from across year groups yr9-u6, and parents; took part in our 'Inspire Me Crime' workshop and talk on Thursday 12 February.

    Speaker and SPF parent, Dr Luna Filipovic, a forensic psycholinguist, supported by alumna and PhD student Elspeth Wilson (neé Pullinger, who left SPF in 2006), led the event at our new 6th form college building, also giving students from across the school to visit our 6th form and work with different year groups.

    Forensic linguistics, the use of language in legal cases, is a hot topic. Companies including Apple and Amazon win or lose huge intellectual property cases based on language used in contracts; immigration case outcomes can be influenced simply by the translator assigned to a case; murder cases and major terrorism can be solved with the help of techniques used in this field. The event aimed to stretch students to think in more directions when considering language and law-related careers.

    Our students split out into small breakout groups with our teaching staff, to establish answers to real cases - which emergency calls were real or fake, was a suicide note true or forged were just two examples. Students were encouraged to use detection, evidence, and full explanation behind their thinking before the real answers were revealed.

    Dr Filipovic then gave more evidence behind what helps prove cases using this science of forensic psycholinguistics and the different avenues that could be pursued career-wise. Some fantastic examples were given, including a forensic analysis of comedy character Vicky Pollard vs Tony Blair!

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  • Badminton Success

    Published 18/12/16

    Congratulations to Chanumi who took part in an international badminton tournament in Belgium last weekend winning the gold medal in the singles category.

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  • Verulamium Trip

    Published 18/12/16

    After a long coach journey we arrived at Verulamium and visited the site of a Roman amphitheatre. We walked along the paths on the perimeter of the amphitheatre while we filled in a sheet. It was amazing to see how much had remained of something that was built such a long time ago.

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  • Sports Day 2015

    Published 18/12/16

    A fantastic morning of sport! The sun shone down as the students tried their best, competing for their houses. There were some fantastic performances with several records being broken along the way.

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  • News from our Alumni

    Published 18/12/16

    Our alumni get up to some incredible things, and we like to bring you updates of what they are doing to inspire and give ideas to our current students of paths that people take. Being part of our thriving alumni community and network offers everyone the chance to connect to around 2,500 professionals all over the world.

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  • Big Bang

    Published 18/12/16

    On 1st July, eight students from year 10 took their projects to the Eastern Regional Big Bang fair at Newmarket Racecourse. This is a national competition and showcase for young talent in STEM and CREST project. Students Lidia, Ashwini, Elouise, Addy and D'Arcy have been working for the last year on a project entitled 'Designing the Optimum Learning Experiences'. 

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  • Drugs and Art – Astra Zeneca

    Published 18/12/16

    A group of 19 Year Ten students attended a talk by AstraZeneca in University Technical College, Cambridge on 22 June. Several scientists with different specialisms, from geneticists, medicinal chemists to doctors, talked to the students on how research teams scan thousands of molecules to search for a potential molecule that can be developed into a new drug to bring to market.

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  • Stephen Perse Foundation - No.1 in East Anglia

    Published 18/12/16

    The Stephen Perse Foundation is ranked No.1 in East Anglia in the Sunday Times Parent Power table of A-level and GCSE results.

    The foundation’s enviable results, with 95.4% gaining A* to B grades at A-level and 92.6% of GCSEs graded A* or A, make it one of the best performers in the whole country - ranked 19th nationally.

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  • A Level results 2015

    Published 18/12/16

    A Level 2015

    This is a stellar set of results for our students and an enormous credit to all involved!

    Tricia Kelleher, Principal said, "It is the variety of destinations that really stands out for me. As well as the lawyers and medics, historians and anthropologists, we have a growing number opting for acclaimed Liberal Arts courses in the UK or abroad including at Princeton, USA. To have students with such contrasting futures ahead of them, be it Computer Science at Cambridge or History of Art at the Courtauld or even at the world-renowned Translation and Interpretation degree at the University of Geneva, it is ever more important that the individual students’ stories are not lost in any set of results."

    • 28% of all grades were A*
    • 70% of all grades were A* or A
    • 98% of grades were A* to C
    • 100% of grades were A* to E

    Click to download a breakdown of the 2015 A Level results by subject.

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  • GCSE 2015 results are out

    Published 18/12/16

    The results reflect extraordinarily high achievement in 26 different subjects but we also salute their successes regionally, nationally and even internationally in sport, music and drama.

    Tricia Kelleher said, "More than ever, our students are exceptionally well-rounded and are genuinely prepared for their 6th form studies and the world ahead."

    Headline figures are:

    • 64% of grades were A*
    • 88% of grades were A* or A
    • 29% of students achieved 10 more A* grades
    • 50% of students achieved 8 or more A* grades
    • 100% of students have achieved 5 A*-C including English and Mathematics

    For more information about our results please follow the link.

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  • Exploration in the Himalayas

    Published 18/12/16

    Year 11 girls along with students from the Stephen Perse 6th Form college are currently trekking in the Himalayas with The Exploration Society following their community service project.

    The group have been working in two schools in Ladakh, building a playground and helping with lessons.

    We look forward to hearing all about their adventures when they return.

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  • Results 2014: GCSE brilliance!

    Published 18/12/16

    GCSE and IGCSE results are out on 21 August 2014.

    Examination statistics are a very crude measure of the success of any student but these are the headline figures and they make excellent reading!

    • 93% of all grades are A* or A
    • 99% of all grades are A* to B
    • 71% of all grades are A*
    • 51% of students achieved 9 or more A* grades

    Tricia Kelleher, Principal, said, “Amazing results from amazing students! It’s a very happy day for everyone involved and a tribute to hard working students and staff. We run a very broad curriculum and if you factor in that there are some 23 subjects represented in these results and also that there is a huge amount of learning that happens with no examinations at all, it makes the Stephen Perse Foundation a very exciting place to be.”

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  • Ladakh Expedition 2014

    Published 18/12/16

    Ladakh is an ancient kingdom located in the northernmost state of India, Jammu and Kashmir.

    During the summer holidays the exploration society took a group of Year 11 and the 6th form students out to Ladakh to spend 3 weeks living in the high altitude desert environment of Ladakh.

    After an overnight flight, we stepped out of the airport into the oppressive heat of Delhi and loaded onto an air conditioned coach. After briefly unpacking at a hostel we set off to do some sightseeing. We visited a Hindu temple and enjoyed the excellent underground animatronic boat tour where we learnt that the Indians invented everything. An early bedtime followed to prepare us for a 2am start before catching a plane to Leh, Ladakh. The flight was just an hour, but the views of the sun rising over the Himalayas were stunning and we all spent the whole journey with our noses pressed against the glass of the windows.

    Having gained 2000m in altitude we had to take a rest day in order to allow our bodies to acclimatise. The next two days were spent exploring Leh, one of the principal towns in Ladakh. The locals were very friendly.

    The two volunteer groups said goodbye to one another and set off to their respective projects. The SECMOL campus is located 18km outside of Leh, on a plateau overlooking the indus rive valley with beautiful views of the mountains. In 1998 the SECMOL campus at Phey was inaugurated by the Dalai Lama and began to accept students. The campus offers another option to students who have failed the matriculation exam. Students who have failed the matriculation exam apply to study at SECMOL and are interviewed by leaders to assess their eagerness to learn. There are only 30 places for foundation year students and often double this number applies. Once accepted, the students live on campus for one year and retake the matriculation exam during the course of the year. However the main focus of SECMOL is to provide practical and pragmatic skills to the students, in order to educate them for life, as opposed to educating them in order to pass the exam. After an interesting drive which involved (slightly dangerously) overtaking a large pack of donkeys we arrived wide eyed, stunned by the scenery around us. We were all a little anxious at first, but the staff members quickly made us feel at home. We introduced ourselves to the students at dinner to a chorus of cheers and applause and soon both Ladakhi and English students realised that we're all just normal teenagers! Days were spent helping with the every day running of the campus, doing activities such as mud brick construction, milking the cows and helping in the gardens and kitchens. We cherished every minute at SECMOL, even more so after speaking with the students who were always smiling, grateful for their place at this institution and we never heard a complaint. We spent about 2 hours a day doing English conversation classes with the students; a topic was set and we would rotate around the students learning about the different cultures and environments while improving the Ladakhi students' English. The campus itself was hugely sustainable and learning about the history of the region from the staff and students widened our knowledge and minds. We were lucky enough to be treated to a ladakhi dance party on the final night, and it was a unique and immensely fun experience! The students loved to dance and we had an incredible time dancing with them to Hindi and Ladakhi music. We all hope to keep in touch with the friends we made at SECMOL and saying goodbye to this rare and inspirational place was very difficult for us all!

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