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AQA 8035, 9-1

Geography is an academic subject that will enhance your global outlook. It creates an important link between other subjects, whether Maths, English or Science by applying many of their elements to the real world.

It develops knowledge and understanding and shows you how you can contribute to a future that is both sustainable and inclusive.  After developing an appreciation of what mankind is doing to harm the planet you will also study the possible solutions that can be put in place to make this planet sustainable, whether economically, socially or environmentally.

This course encourages you to be an inspired and motivated learner with an emphasis on developing essential skills that will enable you to become a reflective, analytical thinker with an enquiring mind. These qualities are highly regarded by both universities and employers as they enable you to be an independent thinker who has skills that transfer across the arts and the sciences. 

course content 

There are three key component areas which focus on a wide range of examples from around the world and the United Kingdom. You will develop your understanding and knowledge of these areas through discussion, enquiry, research, analysis and fieldwork.

Component 1: Living with the physical environment

  • The challenge of natural hazards
  • The living world
  • Physical landscapes in the UK

Component 2: Challenges in the human environment

  • Urban issues and challenges
  • The changing economic world
  • The challenge of resource management

Component 3: Geographical applications

  • Issue evaluation
  • Fieldwork


  • Paper 1: 1 hour 30 minutes; 35% of the qualification (88 marks)
  • Paper 2: 1 hour 30 minutes; 35% of the qualification (88 marks)
  • Paper 3: 1 hour and 30 minutes, 30% of the qualification (76 marks)\

There is no coursework (fieldwork is assessed in Paper 3)