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Within days of starting here, you’ll find that you can’t walk from your class to the dining room without people saying hello – and often stopping to share a laugh.

senior school studentsKnowing each individual  

Our community is small enough that everyone has time to get to know each other.

But, we’re big enough to guarantee you’ll find friends to share your interests – as part of one of our six Houses, in class, on the sports field or simply over a mug of hot chocolate in break. Friends and chocolate… what’s not to like?

A form tutor will meet you regularly to check how you’re doing, personally as well as academically.  Your head of year is also always there with encouragement and support, so there are plenty of people to help you here.

Settling in

In Year 7, you’ll have a Year 8 pioneer partner (or buddy) to help you settle in – from explaining the lunch queue to making sure you don’t get lost. Older students act as form mentors, offering support and advice.

During the autumn term, all Year 7 students take part in an outward-bound residential trip. A chance to get to know both each other outside the classroom.

Students are placed in forms of about 20-24 and subjects are often taught in smaller classes of mixed form groups, so friendships can develop across the year group.


There are six houses, all named after illustrious former headmistresses or school governors:

  • Cattley – Dark blue
  • Clark – Yellow
  • Kennett – Red
  • Pollock – White
  • Rose – Green
  • Street – Light blue

You’ll be attached to one when you join the school and will be able to represent your house in a number of competitive activities – ranging from house talent, music and quizzes to hockey, rounders and ultimate frisbee, plus there are inter-house dance and gymnastics contests.

Trophies are awarded to the overall winning house but in all activities, the emphasis is on teamwork, effort and enthusiasm, along with friendly competition and having fun.

House tokens are also awarded for qualities such as courtesy, helpfulness and endeavour, with a termly prize to the winning house.


"People are really nice and the mentors are lovely."