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"Inclusion is about much more than the types of school children attend: it is about the quality of their experience and how far they are helped to learn, achieve and participate fully in the life of the school"

Department for Education and Skills

Inclusion is complex and multifaceted. Here at the Stephen Perse Foundation, we are committed to inclusion in school, as just one aspect of inclusion in society.

Inclusion is the work of everyone in the Foundation, but is specifically supported by the SENCO role.  As a Foundation we aim to equip each and every Stephen Perse student with the skills they need to succeed in whatever future they choose.

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

Offer of Special Needs and Disability Provision at the Stephen Perse Senior School and Sixth Form for 2020-21

At the Foundation all students are valued and we are committed to providing equal access for all to the broad and balanced curriculum we offer. We are supportive of students with a wide-variety of special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND).

We consider ourselves to be an inclusive environment, where the individual is at the centre of the learning that takes place here.

We aim to make adaptations to the education we offer and to the school environment in order that students can manage successfully, achieve their chosen outcomes and are offered equal opportunities to participate fully in the life of the school and take part in all possible activities.

We endeavour to enable young people to participate in any extracurricular activities that are provided through our sports, non-examined and enrichment programmes. We take the overall wellbeing of students very seriously and support them by working closely with the pastoral team and enabling access to internal and external support services.

Identification of SEND

The needs of most students will be met by the high quality first teaching, which will be tailored to the individual’s particular needs and remove any barriers to learning there might be. However, when a special educational need is identified by the previous school, the parent/carer or the school (through data analysis, liaison with other professionals, and also in assessing the level of difficulty faced when accessing the curriculum), we will work with the young person and their parent/carer through regular planning discussions, review of provision and tracking of progress. We aim to use the Graduated Approach of  “Assess, Plan Do, Review” to ensure that any special educational needs are met appropriately.


We recognise the importance of genuine communication, strong positive relationships and partnership between school and parents/carers and fully acknowledge the importance of parental knowledge and expertise in relation to their own children.

Range of Provision

We believe that the Stephen Perse Foundation can offer a range of provisions/resources and are confident that our approach treating every student as an individual means that we can provide tailored support for students with SEND.

Our offer comprises the following:

  • Appropriate adaptations for the school curriculum (APOCA - Additional Provision or Curriculum Adjustments)
  • Access to mentoring from older students
  • Access to a Specialist Assessor if required
  • Whole staff training on SEND issues allowing teachers to develop their “craft knowledge” and developing high quality first teaching
  • Support at times of transition (KS2-3, KS4-5, KS5-FE) with additional visits, meeting with parents, liaison with key staff
  • Access to specialist provision should it be appropriate for example; The Hearing and Visual Impairment Service, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services, Centre 33 and any other required by our students


Do get in touch with our admissions department if you would like a tour of our school.  If it would be useful, the SENCO would be happy to discuss any specific needs and requirements as part of any visit or tour.


Quote source: Department for Education and Skills