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For us, intelligence is not measured on a fixed scale or by an exam paper.

We work with our students to develop a breadth of characteristics that help them to learn – and to cope with whatever life throws at them, now and in the future.

Here are some of the characteristics that are an integral part of our approach:

  • Creativity – thinking outside the box
  • Responsibility – managing your own learning and progress
  • Perseverance – showing tenacity in pursuit of a worthy goal
  • Initiative – being pro-active to get what needs doing done
  • Collaboration – working well with others, as well as by yourself
  • Reflectiveness – taking time to think about your experiences and learning from them
  • Risk-taking – being prepared to meet failure, make mistakes and to learn from them
  • Open-mindedness – always being prepared to think again, question your own assumptions and step into someone else’s shoes


You learn to think for yourself and not rely on other people to make decisions for you."