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CIE 0984 (9-1)

A Computer Science GCSE is your first step to building the confidence to program tomorrow’s apps and to tackle the ever-evolving world of information technology. You will study the principles and practices of computing, computational thinking and programming. You will write computer code and develop your skills in problem-solving using computers. You will also have the opportunity to apply your understanding to develop computer-based solutions to problems using algorithms and a high-level programming language such as Python. However, it is equally important for you to be able to recognise the ethical issues and potential risks when using computers, and these are addressed in the topics of ethics and security. Understanding the principles of computer science also provides you with the underpinning knowledge required for many other subjects in science and engineering, and the skills learnt can also be used in everyday life.

Course Content 

Section 1: Theory of Computer Science

Component 1: Data Representation.

  • Binary Systems
  • Hexadecimal
  • Data Storage

Component 2: Communications and Internet Technologies

  • Data Transmission
  • Security Aspects
  • Internet: principles of operation

Component 3: Hardware and Software

  • Logic Gates
  • Computer Architecture for the Fetch-Execute Cycle
  • Input and Output Devices
  • Memory, Storage and Media
  • Operating Systems
  • High and Low Level Languages and their Translators

Component 4: Security and Ethics

Section 2: Practical Problem-solving and Programming

Component 5: Algorithm Design and Problem Solving

  • Problem Solving and Design
  • Pseudocode and Flowcharts

Component 6: Programming

  • Programming Concepts
  • Data Structures: Arrays

Component 7: Databases


You will take two papers both 1 hour 45 minutes in length. Paper 1 is a theory paper and is worth 60%; paper 2 is problem solving and programming paper and is worth 40%.

Note that there is no coursework component with the IGCSE CIE Computer Science syllabus. Instead, you will be given a programming challenge to work on prior to the Summer 2022 examinations with plenty of time to study the problem, and to design and program a solution; you will be asked questions in Paper regarding your approach and solution to this pre-released programming challenge